E-Business Suite

Empowering Flexfields in OAF Pages

Oracle’s Descriptive Flexfields allow implementers to define custom fields to hold unique attributes not available in the standard E-Business Suite data model. One limitation with flexfields is that the individual segments (fields) cannot be displayed in arbitrary locations in the UI. Thus, their behavior is limited to what you can configure in the Flexfield Setup …

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Marketing Imports Made Easy

Oracle Marketing R12 has a standard import facility that allows users to upload data from their desktop and import as organizations and contacts, leads, and event registrations. While executing the import in Oracle is straightforward, ensuring the source data is in the correct format and will load without errors is anything but. Oracle requires some …

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Integrate Discoverer Reports with E-Business Suite R12

Oracle Discoverer continues to be the workhorse business intelligence tool for many Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers. But it is often run separately from EBS, so users need to switch back and forth between transactional screens and Discoverer sessions. Furthermore, if users want to update any of the data in a Discoverer report, they need …

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