Your Oracle implementation lays the foundation for your enterprise CRM program for years to come. It paves the way for your ongoing customer strategy and programs.

What makes an implementation successful? It is one that’s tailored to support your business processes and users. It’s focused on fulfilling specific objectives to generate early returns and build momentum for your overall CRM program without compromising the ability to adapt and expand with your business in the future.

From concept to deployment and beyond, our hands-on implementation services deliver a system you can count on.

While we specialize in Oracle Applications, our mission is to help you achieve bottom-line results. We take a multifaceted approach that starts with your business strategy, uses a process perspective to define the solution, and keeps your employees and customers front-and-center from start to finish.

It's an approach that requires a little more care.  We think you'll agree the results are worth it.

Our 6 Cornerstones for Implementation Success

Strategy Driven

A sound strategy creates focus and purpose for your implementation. It says, Here are the big problems we need to solve, and the results we expect to achieve. Implementations require hundreds of system design decisions to be made during the project, and a sound strategy serves as an ever-present guide to choosing the best option.

If your current CRM strategy is more a general concept than one that’s been fully vetted and disseminated, don't worry. We can work with you to flesh-out the details that are already there and to formulate the remaining pieces as part of our initial discovery and project planning work.

Business-Process Oriented

Taking a business-process approach to requirements and solution design provides numerous benefits. Most importantly, the process perspective puts everything into the context of how work actually happens in your organization to ensure solution relevance. The team understands not only the requirements around a particular action, but also the inputs, triggers, and outputs for that action; and how they are needed for downstream operations.

This up-front process work pays dividends every step of the way throughout the rest of the implementation project.

Technical Fluency

Is knowing Oracle Applications inside and out critical? Absolutely. Our technical expertise gives us the ability to sculpt Oracle into a tailor-fit system that supports your strategy and provides agility to handle a changing market environment.

We take pride in pushing Oracle functionality to its limits to solve tricky business problems. We also know the importance of data modeling and migration. In some cases, converting legacy data warrants effort equal to that put into functional design and configurations.

People Focused

End users, process owners, subject matter experts, managers, executive sponsors, consultants, and customers. With so many people involved in CRM implementations, it's difficult to understand why they're labeled IT projects.

We work hard to get the human element right on every implementation. From working closely with business users and managers throughout the project, to designing the solution with a bent toward user adoption and customer experience, our breadth of experience leads us to pay close attention to the people part of the solution. Because we know that’s always time well spent.

Executed to Your Plan

Creating a project plan that's guided by the realities of Oracle implementations and tailored for the way your company wants to work is a critical first step to a successful implementation project.

Executing the plan with an approach that has been developed over years of Oracle implementation experience is the second step.

Geared for Growth

While deployment and completion of the initial support phase may mark the end of the implementation project, your CRM program will just be getting started.

We advocate a long-range view of continuing to expand, enhance, and refine Oracle after implementation. As your organization gains experience doing business on Oracle, new opportunities for improvement will surface. Plus, your market and business model will continue to evolve. We implement Oracle in a way that supports continued growth and adapts to changes. Many of these changes can be championed by your internal team, if one is established, and tasked to support the program.

Getting Started

Implementations are complex projects. But, getting started is simple...

  1. Contact us to discuss your project and determine if it makes sense to continue exploring it in more detail.
  2. We hold a few discovery sessions to understand your requirements, project scope, users, and management expectations--essentially we define the project.
  3. We pull everything together and develop a plan for getting your implementation done and your system deployed in a way that meshes with your culture and balances current staff and other projects that are already underway.
  4. Then, you decide.