Add Custom Help Content Directly to Application Pages

Oracle E-Business Suite supports custom help content by modifying the .HTM files on the application server. This is a great way to provide implementation-specific documentation for end users. But, users have to navigate to the Help system in order to see it.

What if you want to provide guidance directly in the application pages rather than relying on users to navigate out to Help? OA Framework (OAF) Personalization fills the gap once again.

For example, the Sales opportunity Win Probability field has configurable thresholds to determine when the opportunity will be included in the rep’s forecast. While these thresholds can be included in the custom help file, it is far more effective to include this reference information directly on the Opportunity page.

Then can be done by adding a custom Tip to the Opportunity page which shows the win probability thresholds for Best, Forecast, and Worst forecast scenarios.

Win Probability with forecast Tip

If you need to include more information than would cleanly display under the field, we can define the tip as a pop-up. This will be shown as a info bubble icon next to the field.

When the user clicks on the icon, the tip contents are displayed in a small window:

Pop-up Tip window

The above tip includes a mailto coded link that will automatically launch an email to the correct recipient:

Email launched from Pop-up help tip

OAF personalizations such as this can be useful for providing in-application user help and guidance.