Since 2002, DaGiau Consulting has been helping companies streamline operations and strengthen customer relationships with Oracle Applications.  Our business-centered approach, backed by Oracle expertise, creates a powerful combination to tackle tough problems and achieve results.

At DaGiau Consulting, we'll work to understand your business, craft a sound CRM strategy, and then implement Oracle Applications to support your people and processes.

Our work doesn't stop with implementation. We also consult closely with users to ensure they have the skills to effectively use Oracle day-to-day, because adoption is a critical link to success.

Based in Colorado, we serve clients throughout the Central and Western United States. And while DaGiau is US-based, many of our clients are global, so we're no stranger to taking this work overseas.

We also tailor our working arrangements to fit your needs. In addition to standard time and materials projects, we offer fixed-price projects and fractional support engagements, so you can choose the terms that work best for your company.

In the end, it's about providing the best possible service.

Call us at 303-579-4677 or email us to learn more about how we can help.

Tony DaGiau, Founder & Principal Consultant

I started DaGiau Consulting  with a simple mission: to do great work for my clients. This goal is as true today as it was then, and I'm proud of the work we do to align Oracle with our clients' core strategy and operations.

My career in Oracle CRM consulting began in 1998 while working as a sales and marketing manager for Wolfram Research. We successfully implemented Oracle 11.0.3, becoming one of the early Oracle CRM success stories. While just going live was a big deal back then, our CRM program combined with sales process improvements led to a 20% increase in revenue the following year.

My role on that project was much the same as my clients' role today. I've relied on that early client-side perspective to guide the work I do now.

After my experience implementing and supporting Oracle, I moved into consulting, working for a mid-market firm that specialized in Oracle Applications. My second major implementation resulted in a 125% improvement in process throughput.

I learned much about the craft of consulting during those early years. And I also learned about the difficulties of maintaining a high level of service while growing the firm. Often the focus that created the initial success is lost as the company expands and more and more attention is pulled away from clients to address the needs of a growing business.

When I started my company, I was determined to keep a client-centered approach. This focus has led me to keep the company small. It’s also meant that we've chosen to turn down work that might have paid well but would have compromised our ability to deliver the best solution for our clients. This singular commitment to do what’s right for our clients has been well worth it.

As I look forward to the next 15 years and the many changes that Oracle's latest Fusion and Cloud product lines offer, it's hard to predict how technology will impact CRM strategy, or how the discipline of sales, service, and marketing may be transformed. But doing great work for our clients will continue to be at the core of our strategy.

Tony DaGiau, Principal Consultant & Founder