Give Sales Reps Access to Sales Orders

Sales reps often get inquiries from customers on the status of an order. While they can search quotes in R12, this doesn’t guarantee the correct order(s) will be found.

Sure, the sales rep can transfer their customer to Customer Service. But with a few OAF personalization tricks, we can give reps direct access to the Order Status page so they can help their customers personally.

The first step is to add the OAF Order Information functions to the Sales User menu.

Next, is to add the Oracle Status page call to the Sales Dashboard page via OAF Personalization.

Sales Dashboard: Shortcuts region with Orders link added

When the sales rep clicks on the Orders link, the Order Status page is displayed. The Orders link can be configured to open in the same browser window with a breadcrumb back to Sales Dashboard, or to open in a new tab/window so the rep can toggle back and forth.

Order Search OAF page

The rep can now search by order number, customer name, PO, or quote number to find the order. Drilling-down on the order in the search results will show many of the same key order details that Order Management users have–all within an .html page instead of having to launch Oracle Forms.

Order, Delivery, and Invoice Details