Tony DaGiau Oracle CX Consultant

Hi, I’m Tony DaGiau.
I implement Oracle Fusion Cloud and EBS Applications.

I’m an expert in Oracle CX-CRM. With 20 years of functional experience, I’ve developed a robust toolkit to help you tackle the job:

On-target implementations to boost front-office processes
Support and enhancements for existing production environments
Analysis and assessments to define an effective applications strategy

Based near Denver, Colorado, I serve clients throughout North America. I also partner with other consulting firms to provide specialized expertise on larger enterprise projects.

Contact me to discuss how I can help your organization.

Recent Posts

Oracle B2B Service Entitlements, Part 2: Inner Workings

In my previous blog post, Part 1, I provided an overview of the Service Entitlements front end—how milestones are used on Service Requests (SRs) to monitor SLA compliance.  In this post, we will go behind the scenes and look at how the Oracle CX Service Cloud Entitlements architecture functions and can be leveraged to support your SLA business requirements. Service Entitlements Architecture Let’s start off by introducing the key components of the Service Entitlements architecture and then we’ll drill-down on each area in more detail. I’ve …

B2B Service Cloud Entitlements, Part 1: Tracking SLA Milestones

Oracle’s B2B Service Cloud provides service level agreement (SLA) support through Service Entitlement Milestones. Milestones are basically timers that are assigned to Service Requests (SRs) to ensure specific actions are performed within compliance threshold limits. Service Cloud includes two predefined milestones: First Response Metric and Resolution Metric. Administrators can also define new milestones as needed to support your business requirements.   In Part 1 we’ll look at how the First Response and Resolution milestones function on service requests and some of the compliance analytics available to …

Service Request Action Plans

This post profiles Oracle B2B Service Cloud’s Action Plan functionality. Customer service agents can use Action plans to quickly generate a set of activities that must be performed to resolve a Service Request (SR). Action plans are particularly useful if the support agent needs help from other resources, or if many actions are required to resolve the SR. If actions plans are not a fit for your organization, they can be removed from the UI to streamline your application. Now let’s take a look …

Tracking Competitors in Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud’s Competitor functionality is designed to help companies identify and track competitors on sales opportunities. Competitors are simple to set up, and ongoing data entry by sales users is minimal. If your business requirements aren’t too elaborate, you’ll probably find out-of-the-box Sales Competitor functionality a good fit. If you have sophisticated competitor tracking and analysis requirements, CX Sales Cloud includes powerful tools, such as Application Composer, that can be used to build additional features and expand capabilities efficiently. The process for managing sales …



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