CRM Strategy

If you are grappling with a thorny issue or need to build a plan that will guide your CRM program for months to come, it pays to get it right.

We provide analysis and planning services that bring clarity and insight so you can take action with confidence.

We work closely with you to develop plans rooted in understanding the particular challenges and opportunities of your market and informed by the practical realities of what Oracle technology can offer.

Core Strategy

The "right" implementation of Oracle can look very different depending on the business objectives that it is designed to achieve. That is why having a clear strategy and business case is so beneficial.

 We can help you to formulate a strategy that not only inspires your organization to support your program from initial implementation and beyond, but one that rooted in practice of what can be done from technical perspective and what it takes to achieve the level of transformation required. Setting a clear direction and crafting an achievable plan to deliver results is key.

Upgrade Assessments

If you are using E-Business Suite and wondering if you should move to the latest versioncurrently 12.2.9, we can help. We perform upgrade assessments that take a look at how you're using your current version. We explore issues that your business is having to work around today and uncover untapped areas where you can gain additional value from improvements available in the latest edition.

We then provide an estimate of the effort required to upgrade. We work with you to analyze the cost versus the benefits. This tells us whether it makes sense to tackle the upgrade or defer it.

Cloud Transitions

Should your company consider moving to the cloud? 

Often, Oracle Cloud solutions will provide a lower total cost of ownership. But not radically so. And radical cost savings are needed to justify the time, cost, and disruption that switching platforms requires. Making the case to move to the cloud depends on an analysis of what additional benefits your organization can gain in terms of performance improvements, increased usability, and more flexibility. While some of these elements are difficult to quantify, we can help you explore whether migrating to the cloud makes sense for your business.